Videos help tell the story of day camp, The Royal Prom

As I’ve said before, the people at Northern Kentucky Capernaum know how to do fun. They also know how to do video. Justin Newman put together this fabulous and inspiring Day Camp video that gives viewers an idea of the activities and energy at the Newman Farm in Union last week.

This year’s camp — held July 25-29 — was the biggest in the event’s four years, said Brian Kremer, area director of Northern Kentucky Capernaum. More than 60 campers with disabilities middle-school age and older attended Monday through Thursday. Counting staff and volunteers, nearly 150 people came together each day to share faith and sing, dance and play.

Friday night’s banquet and talent show attracted 280 people, Kremer said. Campers and their families and friends ate burgers, hot dogs and sides at long tables set inside the airy barn. After dinner, campers took the stage for a talent show, entertaining the crowd with singing, dancing and jokes.

Yes, camp is over but the fun continues. The next big event for Capernaum is The Royal Prom, a spectacle of a night with dinner and dancing for people aged 14 and up with disabilities. It’s scheduled for September 23 at Crossroads church in Florence.

At The Royal Prom’s website, visitors can watch another great video — a gorgeous account of last year’s prom. If you need something to remind you of the goodness and joy in this world, this video might be just the thing. (I usually need a tissue for this one.) Also on the site, visitors can sign up to attend the prom or to volunteer for it.

Capernaum is a nondenominational Christian ministry that serves teens and young adults with disabilities. I wrote a previous post about the group’s plans for day camp. I plan to write more about The Royal Prom in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’re interested in The Royal Prom, check out the website and video. You might want to have a box of tissues handy.

Photo provided by Northern Kentucky Capernaum



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