Note to readers

Whew that was a long pit stop! I’m back behind the blogging wheel and wanted to let you know I’m headed down a slightly different road.

Up until now, I’ve written mostly with an outward focus. I’ve combined interviews and reporting with personal experiences and insights to write about good things happening for people with special needs in Northern Kentucky.

Moving forward, I plan to write with more of an inward focus. I’ll still do some reporting and interviews. I’ll still celebrate good things happening. And I’ll still focus on Northern Kentucky. But I want to explore the experience of raising a child with special needs in a more personal way.

My family is planning to move, and so we’re looking at our last few months here. As a special needs family, we’ve only known Northern Kentucky. This is where we’ve learned a lot of tough lessons. It’s also where we’ve met thoughtful, generous, caring people who’ve carried us through the hard times and made the happy times even happier.

I hope I can say thank you with this blog, and I hope I can offer some bit of help to others just as others have so generously helped me and my family.


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